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Libya: UAE targets Tripoli airport

Mitiga International Airport in the Libyan capital Tripoli was this morning repeatedly bombed by what some observers say were UAE drones.

The Emirati strikes comes hours after the airport was targeted by warplanes.

In a statement the internationally backed Government of National Accord said the UAE’s actions are part of its continued support of retired Brigadier General Khalifa Haftar and “is a continuation of Haftar’s criminal record in targeting infrastructure and airports”.This, it continued, is “a desperate attempt by him [Haftar] to compensate his losses”, which he suffered on the outskirts of Tripoli during the operation he launched five months ago to take control of the capital.

No details were given to the extent of damage caused by the attacks or whether anyone was hurt or killed as a result.

Mitiga is the only civil airport currently operating in the Libyan capital. Flights to the airport have previously been suspended after it was the target of repeated shelling.

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