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Clashes near Libya’s Tarhouna city cause deaths and injuries

Fighting erupted in Dawoon area between Tarhouna and Misallata cities between locals and gunmen from Al-Kani militia that is under the command of Khalifa Haftar’s forces, backed up by a group of Sudanese Janjaweed mercenaries.

The mayor of Misallata said the gunmen of Haftar’s forces and their Janjaweed mercenaries attacked Dawoon area causing a number of injuries among civilians, including two women as the mercenaries assaulted Jamhoutiyah Bank and tried to rob it.

Likewise, identical sources said Janjaweed mercenaries – fighting for Haftar’s forces – launched the attack on Wednesday morning on a bank in Dawoon but a force securing the bank clashed with them.

After being pushed away from the bank, the mercenaries backed by Al-Kani militia fighters launched a bigger attack on the area causing several injuries, including civilians.

Haftar-loyal media outlets denied that the attack was led by Janjaweed mercenaries, saying it was by six African nationals who were carrying explosive, one of which exploded and caused injuries.

Meanwhile, a senior leader at Tarhouna Protection Force confirmed that the attackers in Dawoon were under Haftar’s command and they were Sudanese mercenaries, adding that journalists close to Al-Kani militia and Haftar’s forces will be saying the attackers were from ISIS to twist truths.

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