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Head of Libya’s High Council of State proposes initiative to end conflict

The Head of the High Council of State has proposed an initiative to end the conflict in Libya in order to make way for peace before the upcoming international conference on Libya in Berlin.

The HCS initiative included five processes: approving the third chapter of the constitution draft about governance regime, amending the constitutional declaration as per the Libyan Political Agreement laws, ending the transitional stage by ending the mandate of the curr2nt political entities by elections within a specific timeline of four months, a ceasefire and retreat of the attacking forces of Khalifa Haftar to their previous positions and Tarhouna forces to their before-April 04 positions and a no-fly zone across the country.

The initiative also stressed the need for unifying security and military institutions as per the laws of the Libyan Political Agreement and for supporting the fight against terrorism as well as for allowing the armed factions’ fighters to join regular forces as per specific regulations.

The HCS said that there is also a need for stopping media smearing campaigns and hate speech as well as for adopting moderate religious approach paving the way for national reconciliation as well as adopting transparency in government work.

The HCS initiative called also for following up on implementation of the economic and security reforms in the country.

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