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Libyan Misurata Airport seizes eastern Libyan Airlines plane

Authorities at Libya’s Misurata airport on Sunday seized a Libyan Airlines aircraft operating from Benghazi in the east of the country, the airline’s Benghazi management said.

The aircraft was seized in the western city of Misrata, east of the capital Tripoli, after it flew there for maintenance from Benghazi’s Benina airport.

The carrier’s Benghazi spokesman, Ezzedine al-Mashnoun said the only plane operated by Libyan Airlines – Benghazi Administration was seized during maintenance.

Mashnoun said the incident was causing serious disruption to the flight schedule. The plane operates three flights to international destinations daily.

“The problem was fixed by the company’s engineers at Misrata airport and after preparing the plane for take-off, it was stopped by Hussain Ballaou, the assistant manager of Misrata airport,” the carrier said in a statement on Facebook.

A spokesman for the eastern-based Libyan administration said the authorities in eastern Libya have given Misrata airport hours to return the plane or “they must take responsibility for other escalatory measures in their airspace.”

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