Saturday , 18 September 2021
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Benghazi security directorate shuts down women’s police station

The security directorate in Benghazi has shut down the women’s police station and placed its chief as well as the rest of personnel under interrogation on charges of “publicizing criminal investigation”.

The security directorate said the decision was made after one of the police station officers had leaked a video for an accused woman under investigation.

“Leaking the video of the investigation could be a way to help the people involved in the crime get away with it. The case is very delicate and has shocked the public opinion for the murders, looting and thefts it contains.” The security directorate said in a statement.

The security directorate ordered the suspension of some personnel and to send the rest of the policewomen to various stations and units across the city.

Social media users circulated a video for a woman talking about a crime she committed with nine other people, recounting how she lured a woman, kidnapped, raped and then killed her. The video also refers to the involvement of female police personnel, men and women, in the crime, which according to observes could be the reason why the women’s police station was closed.

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