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Head of High Council of State reveals local entities in support of Haftar’s war on Tripoli

The Head of the Libyan High Council of State (HCS) Khalid Al-Mishri has told Arabi 21 website that Khalifa Haftar is being funded and supported, in his war on Tripoli, by four local parties, especially the Moammar Gaddafi regime figures and military officers.

Al-Mishri added that the most well-trained militias fighting for Haftar’s forces are the security brigades’ figures of the Gaddafi regime, especially the Brigade 32, which was under the command of Gaddafi’s son Khamis.

Al-Mishri indicated that Haftar has been using youths as well, taking advantage of their needs for jobs and the fact that they are unemployed, hence; seducing them with high salaries that reach 3000 Libyan dinars to fight for him in Tripoli.

He said armed groups in Tarhouna were part of the revolution against Gaddafi, but they are at odds with the Government of National Accord, that is why Haftar managed to take them to his side in the war on Tripoli.

“Furjan Tribe and some allied tribes in eastern Libya are supporting Haftar and at least 20% of the those tribes’ youths have been killed in the adventures of Khalifa Haftar.” Al-Mishri added.

He also said that Haftar had big support by eastern tribes when he announced his Dignity Operation in 2014 saying he wanted to fight terrorism, yet after his April attack on Tripoli, he lost most of that support.

“20% of the eastern region are still with Haftar. He lost most of his supporters as a huge number of deaths resulted from his war on Tripoli.” Al-Mishri indicated.

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