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Al-Shater: US new active role in Libya; promising or time-wasting?

The member of the Libyan High Council of State (HCS) Abdelrahman Al-Shater has welcomed the US role in the efforts to resolve the conflict and reach a political solution to stabilize Libya.

Al-Shater told Ean Libya that the Government of National Accord needs to be able to use this new active role by the US toward the Libyan crisis by not throwing the whole burden on the US and allow it to strike conversations with stakeholders without having Libyan decision-making figures involved in such efforts.

“It’s obvious that Haftar would ask for guarantees to allow a ceasefire in Tripoli or he would prolong the issue so his backers like France and Russia can act.” Al-Shater added, saying all Libyans involved in defending Tripoli have called for a withdrawal of the attacking forces to their previous positions and that Haftar is no more a political partner in the political solution.

He indicated that the US new role in Libya is very significant as Russia’s influence is growing, so it isn’t a role to help Libyans to build their civilain state; he added.

He said the government should have new strategies to deal with the new US role by appointing new political figures, legal and diplomatic personalities with high professional qualifications to help make clear the stance of the government in any upcoming negotiations.

“We all want peace. Some think it is a military totalitarian rule and others think it is a civilian and equality state that is democratic and of constitutional institutions via elections.” Al-Shater said.

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