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Tripoli-based HoR reaffirms support for Libyan-Turkey agreement

Speaker of Tripoli-based House of Representatives (HoR), Sadiq Al-Kahili said Saturday that Aqeela Saleh, the speaker of Tobruk-based  HoR only represents himself and is considered a deputy and not the head of the HoR, therefor, his statements intended to end the political agreement or the memorandum signed between Libya and Turkey do not have any legal or political consequences with respect to state institutions and international parties concerned.

“The MoU signed between Libya and Turkey does not constitute any violation of international law or the United Nations convention on the law of the sea,” Al-Kahili said in a press statement, stressing that it consolidates sovereign economic rights guaranteed by international law and is not directed against any neighbouring or regional countries.

He called on all concerned countries to give precedence to dialogue and to have recourse to international law for settling this issue, underscoring that these pressures and auctions will not deter him from endorsing all that enhances Libya’s stability and its rights stipulated by law.

The HoR in Tripoli confirmed in a statement published yesterday, its support for the memorandum of understanding signed by the Government of National Accord (GNA) with Turkey, considering it an inherent right of any sovereign state, guaranteed by international laws and treaties.

The statement called on the GNA to proceed with the agreement in a manner that preserves the sovereignty of Libya, serves the interests of its people and protects its wealth.

It also called for cooperation with all regional and international partners and allies in a manner that preserves the country and its security, economic and strategic interests.

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