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ICC demands Haftar hand over war criminal he promoted

The International Criminal Court (ICC) has notified Brigadier General Khalifa Haftar that it is continuously monitoring the attack on the capital, Tripoli, while calling on him to speedily hand one of his wanted aides over to justice.

In an interview with France24 yesterday, ICC Prosecutor Fatou Bensouda said the court’s work in Libya “is ongoing, and we are still conducting investigations there”.

Bensouda added: “In my last report to the United Nations Security Council I highlighted the fact that there are still pending arrest warrants against individuals against whom the ICC has issued indictments, such as [Mahmoud] Al-Werfalli.”

She continued: “I have also indicated with great concern that although several arrest warrants have been issued against him, two arrest warrants in fact, he has been promoted by Haftar.”

“We consider this as a very alarming matter, and we demanded General Haftar arrest and hand Al-Werfalli over to the ICC,” she asserted.

Bensouda also indicated that the ICC requested “the assistance of any state that can guarantee the arrest of Al-Werfalli, and bringing him for trial before the court,” reported the Anadolu Agency.

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