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Tripoli: Haftar militias target Mitiga International Airport with Grad missiles

The forces of the Libyan Government of National Accord (GNA) announced on Sunday that Haftar’s militias had targeted Mitiga International Airport with Grad missiles for the eighth day in a row.

Mustafa Al-Majai, a spokesperson for Operation Volcano of Anger, told Anadolu Agency that Haftar’s militias are still targeting the airport daily with Grad missiles.

Al-Majai added that most of the missiles fired by the militias have been targeting the civilian neighbourhoods near the airport, and have resulted in significant material losses to the people of the region.

In the same context, the director of Mitiga International Airport, Lotfi Al-Tabib, told Anadolu Agency that air traffic is still suspended at the airport as a result of the repeated bombing.

He pointed out that the airport administration is ready to resume work and is awaiting permission from the Aviation Authority as the authority concerned with assessing the situation.

Earlier on Sunday, the forces of the Libyan (GNA) announced the destruction of an ammunition storehouse belonging to Khalifa Haftar’s militias in the Souk Al-Ahad area, southeast of the capital, Tripoli.

Haftar’s violations of the ceasefire, which is held under a Turkish-Russian initiative, are still ongoing, in of a Security Council resolution calling for adherence to it.

Since 4 April 2019, Haftar’s forces have been waging an attack to take over Tripoli, the headquarters of the GNA, against which Haftar is fighting over legitimacy and authority.

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