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ICC confirms admissibility of Saif Gaddafi case

The International Criminal Court (ICC) confirmed the admissibility of a case against Saif Al-Islam Gaddafi on Tuesday, almost nine years after the son and heir-apparent to deposed Libyan President Muammar Gaddafi was issued an arrest warrant along with his father.

The ICC’s Appeals Chamber also rejected Gaddafi’s challenge to his case’s admissibility.

Gaddafi filed his appeal in April 2019 on the grounds of pre-existing criminal proceedings, a conviction, a death sentence in 2015 and a claim that he was granted amnesty for his crimes during the 2011 Libyan revolution, when the ICC launched an investigation.

The court issued arrest warrants for Saif Gaddafi, Muammar Gaddafi and Abdullah Al-Senussi – the elder Gaddafi’s intelligence chief – for crimes against humanity allegedly committed in Libya through state apparatus and security forces from 15 until at least 28 February 2011.

The ICC later deemed the case against Al-Senussi to be inadmissible, as he was subjected to domestic proceedings in Libya.

The court also believed Libyan authorities at the time to be competent to carry out such an investigation.

In 2018, Saif Gaddafi announced his intent to run for president of Libya. His whereabouts remain unknown.

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