Thursday , 6 May 2021
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Democracy and Human Rights Foundation contracts US law firm to sue Haftar

The President of the Democracy and Human Rights Foundation, Emadeddin Muntasser, has revealed that his foundation has contracted a US law firm in order to sue Khalifa Haftar for airstrikes on the Military College in Tripoli in January 2020.

Muntasser said on his Facebook page that McCue and Partners LLP has been retained to evaluate all the legal options available to prosecute and hold responsible Haftar for this crime.

“In order to protect democracy, freedom, and human rights, those who violate international law must be brought to justice.” He added.

Muntasser added that Haftar stands accused of numerous war crimes and must be held accountable, adding that his US-based Foundation has been pursuing Haftar and other human rights violators for six years and have filed complaints with the ICC, EU, and the US government.

“Our pioneering work has laid the foundation for many of the civil cases now pending in the US and in Europe against Haftar and his sponsors.” Muntasser added.

Meanwhile, Managing Partner of McCue and Partners LLP, Matthew Jury, said the law firm is renowned for its protection of victims of international crimes and other human rights violations and has pioneered groundbreaking legal actions against rogue regimes, their financiers, and sponsors.

Muntasser also said his Foundation is in direct contact with families of the victims and calls for anyone with information or evidence to incriminate the perpetrators to contact the foundation in order to do the families of the victims some justice.

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