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Libya government forces launch 24 air strikes at Al-Wattia air base

The Libyan government announced launching 24 air strikes on Al-Wattia air base, from Tuesday morning until Wednesday morning, destroying armed vehicles of the militias of the coupist General Khalifa Haftar.

This came in a statement by the Libyan Army Spokesman Mohamed Gununu published by the information centre of the government’s Operation Volcano of Anger on Wednesday morning.

Gununu added that the airstrikes were launched from Tuesday morning until Wednesday morning on the air base located west of the capital of Tripoli.

The spokesman pointed out that these strikes resulted in the destruction of two locust vehicles, an ammunition car, armed vehicles and concentration locations of Haftar’s militias.

The Libyan government forces announced on Tuesday that Al-Wattia air base had been militarily suspended, and is still surrounded from all axes.

This came in a statement to Anadolu Agency made by Mustafa Al-Mujie, spokesman for the government’s Operation Volcano of Anger.

“Our forces have made important progress in preparation for completely controlling Al-Wattia air base,” disclosed Al-Mujie.

On Tuesday morning, the Libyan government forces launched a military operation to liberate Al-Wattia air base, days after surrounding it.

“Al-Wattia air base has been militarily suspended, and it is almost out of service after being neutralised by the Air Force and the Land Forces,” added Al-Mujie.

He explained that the liberation of Al-Wattia air base is being carried out according to specific stages set by the Military Operations Room.

Earlier on Tuesday, Osama Meseik, the commander of the Al-Wattia protection force of the Haftar  militia, was killed during the liberation of the air base.

The advance of the government forces comes in light of a series of field defeats of Haftar militia in most of the fighting axes in the capital.

Haftar militias are fighting the Government of National Accord (GNA) over legitimacy and authority in the oil-rich country, and have been launching a continuous offensive that started on 4 April, 2019, to take control over Tripoli, the government’s headquarters.

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