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Russia to send Assad regime forces to fight for Haftar

Russia will send mercenaries in Bashar Assad regime forces in Syria’s southern Daraa city to fight alongside Khalifa Haftar’s illegal forces in eastern Libya, local sources reported, Anadolu Agency reports.

Russia, supporting Syria’s Assad regime, is planning to reinforce Haftar militias with mercenaries from Syria.

Since April 24, a high-ranking Russian commander and his team have made a series of meetings with mercenaries fighting in Assad regime forces in Daraa, sources added.

In these meetings, Russia offered $1,000 and a 3-month renewable contract to the Syrian mercenaries, in exchange for their services in Khalifa Haftar’s ranks.

While one group of mercenaries refused, others accepted the offer.

Those who accepted the offer have been working to collect more mercenaries in Daraa.

These elements will be paid by Russia, and after training in Russian military camps in Syria, they will be sent to Libya.

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