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EU voices concern over Sisi’s threats of military intervention in Libya

The European Union said it was concerned about the recent surge in declarations on Libya as they work against the de-escalation of the conflict, the bloc’s chief spokesman for the foreign policy said on Monday, commenting on the Egyptian president’s threat of military intervention.

EU spokesman Peter Stano said the people of Libya do not need more escalation, or more confrontation, adding that in this light, the recent escalation of declarations, statements, and the interference by outside actors is a source for serious concerns.

Stano also reminded international actors involved in the conflict in Libya to “work on alleviating tensions, not to raise them.”

Meanwhile, the Libyan Presidential Council described on Sunday Egyptian president’s military intervention threat as a “declaration of war.”

The Presidential Council added in a statement that the statements of the Egyptian President Abdel-Fattah El Sisi which are encroachment on Libya’s sovereignty and meddling in its internal affairs, and supporting putschists, militias and mercenaries in Libya are unacceptable.

“The threats are seen as hostile actions and clear intervention to internal affairs, and a declaration of war,” it added.

The Presidential Council said that Haftar’s supporting countries started to talk about political solution and dialogue as Haftar forces suffered defeat, warning that all of Libya is the red line, saying those lines are not drawn by such statements but by the blood of martyrs, in reference to al-Sisi’s remarks, who said: “Sirte and Jufra are the red line for Egypt.”

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