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Tripoli-based HoR: Saleh’s practices are a threat to the nation

Members of the Tripoli-based House of Representatives (HoR) have expressed their disapproval of the practices of the head of Tobruk’s parliament, Aqila Saleh, referring to him as a “boycotting member”.

In a statement on Tuesday, the HoR considered Aqila Saleh’s practices a threat to the national security and civil peace, warning “he may lead the country to the risk of partition, and usurp the national will”.

“Aqila Saleh only represents himself. He is a member like other HoR members, therefore, he is not entitled to speak on behalf of the parliament, as he lost the confidence of most of its members,” the statement reads, noting that the EU has imposed sanctions on Saleh for obstructing the political path in the Libyan crisis.

The statement also condemned Salah’s stance from the war on Tripoli, confirming their adherence to represent the HoR, which stemmed from the Skhirat Agreement in any political talks, considering they are the majority in the HoR, according to the statement.

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