Monday , 3 August 2020
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UN moots creation of possible demilitarized zone in Libya

The possibility of the creation of a ‘‘demilitarized zone’’ in Libya was raised by the UN yesterday. The demilitarized zone would be created between the area east of Misrata and west of Sirte to keep apart forces and foreign allies of the internationally recognized Libyan government in Tripoli and local and foreign forces aligned to Khalifa Hafter.

The new initiative was reported yesterday by the UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres during his remarks to the Security Council on the latest situation in Libya.

Guterres also talked about a ceasefire, a political solution, the Berlin process, external interference by foreign states, violations of the UN Security Council arms embargo, foreign mercenaries, DDR, IDPs, IEDs and booby traps in civilian areas, civilian casualties, mass graves, war crimes, the oil blockade and an independent audit of Libya’s two Central Banks of Libya.

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