Monday , 4 December 2023
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Supreme Judicial Council grants amnesty to nearly 600 prisoners

The Supreme Judicial Council on Sunday, issued a decision to suspend the remaining lawful punishment for a number of 582 prison inmates, in implementation of the minutes of the Fifth Council meeting for the year 2020.

The decision stipulates that the decision is to be implemented by the Public Prosecutor Office, with the public solicitors mandated with putting the decision into effect, within their sphere of competence, in coordination with the competent authorities, according to a statement by the Ministry of Justice.

The files of sentenced persons who fulfilled the conditions of the amnesty decree until July 31, but have not been included yet, will be examined by the Public Prosecutor Office, before being referred to the Supreme Judicial Council to render a decision in their regard.

The decision comes within the framework of the Supreme Judicial Council’s efforts, to reduce overcrowding in correctional facilities, in line with the precautionary measures recommended with respect to limiting the spread of the Coronavirus pandemic, the Ministry of Justice explains.

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