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Haftar’s spokesman: We allowed emptying oil tanks not resuming output, exports

The spokesman for Khalifa Haftar’s forces Ahmed Al-Mismari said the announcement of Petroleum Facilities Guard’s (PFG) Head Naji Al-Maghrabi meant they would allow emptying oil tanks not resuming production and exports.

Al-Mismari said allowing the emptying of oil tanks came after negotiations with many authorities, including the east-based National Oil Corporation (parallel entity), adding that the oil in tanks and depots will be sold as per suspended contracts.

Al-Maghrabi said Tuesday Haftar had ordered reopening of oil fields and ports after claiming for over seven months that tribal leaders were behind the blockade on oil, saying the decision came to alleviate the suffering of people amid deteriorating economic conditions; a statement that contradicts Al-Mismari’s words.

Meanwhile, Al-Mismari said their forces won’t retreat from Sirte and its surroundings and won’t surrender the city to “invaders”. A statement that seems to responds to international calls, especially US and Germany, to demilitarize Sirte and Jufra for a political solution in the country.

“Our forces are ready for any upcoming confrontations, meanwhile; the international community should take up a stance for solutions based on facts,” he added, citing HoR Speaker Aqila Saleh’s initiative as good way out of the crisis.

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