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Gununu: Wagner mercenaries fortify Jufra airbase in 31 locations

The spokesman for the Libyan Army Mohammed Gununu said they had depicted Wagner Group mercenaries’ work on fortifying Jufra airbase in over 31 locations.

Gununu said some of the fortified locations of Wagner Group mercenaries at Jufra airbase include a diameter of 25 km, in addition to locations inside the airbase near the runway.

He also said that this movement comes after dubious military reinforcements by Haftar’s forces backed by Russian Wagner Group mercenaries toward Sirte and Brak Shaati airbase, which is located in south Libya.

Gununu said the forces under the command of the Government National Accord (GNA) are always on alert and awaiting instructions of the Commander-in-Chief to respond to any attacks.

Days ago, a group of Wagner mercenaries entered Brak Shaati airbase and started working on its security, as sources from the city said the mercenaries were making trials on weapons at the airbase.

Wagner mercenaries have been expanding their presence to reach southern Libya, especially Sharara oilfield, Tamnehent and Brak Shaati bases.

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