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Libya’s Total COVID-19 Cases Surpass 40,000

Medical bodies in Libya are seeking solutions to limit the fast spread of the coronavirus after the country crossed 40,000 cases.

The COVID-19 Scientific Committee at the National Center for Disease Control of Libya (NCDC) held a meeting and showcased the latest updates of the pandemic in Libya.

The Committee warned that the epidemiological situation in the Western Region is worrisome unless urgent and decisive measures are taken. While it assured that the overall situation is stable, the Committee called for intensifying efforts in regards to monitoring and tracking programs.

The NCDC said that the tally of COVID-19 cases in Libya climbed to 40,292. Libya’s death toll from the virus rose by eight to 616, while the tally of recoveries increased to 23,130, the center said in a statement.

Libya on Thursday reported 779 new COVID-19 cases out of 3,724 specimens distributed over 12 medical laboratories.

Tripoli recorded the highest number of cases, 410, then Benghazi, 36 cases, and Misrata, 33 cases. Medical bodies called on citizens to adhere to the precautionary and preventative measures.

Moreover, the Medical Advisory Committee for Combating Coronavirus complained that it ran out of PCR equipment and this would lead to the accumulation of undiagnosed cases.

In a related context, Zliten municipality launched an application by which people residing in Ziten can check their test results through their smartphones.

The trial version of the app kicks off Friday, according to one of the makers of the application.

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