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Libya Army: ‘Haftar’s militia targeted our forces in Sirte with 4 missiles’

A military source announced on Thursday that the militia of Major General Khalifa Haftar fired four missiles at units of the Libyan army stationed in western Sirte, without causing any casualties.

This came in a statement issued by the spokesman for the Sirte and Al-Jafra operation of the Libyan armed forces, Brigadier Abdul Hadi Dara.

Dara stated: “Haftar’s militia fired four missiles at the Buerat region, west of Sirte in the north of Libya, where the Libyan army’s troops are deployed.” He confirmed that the strikes did not cause any casualties.

Last August, the Libyan army announced that two Russian cargo aircraft landed in Sirte, which is under the control of Haftar’s militia.

Dara communicated at the time that the Libyan army forces monitored the landing of two Russian cargo planes carrying military equipment at the Ghardabiya Airbase, pointing out that planes carrying military supplies were spotted more than once.

Since last August, parties to the conflict in Libya agreed on a ceasefire, which has since been violated by Haftar’s militia.

The eastern forces, with the support of Arab and European countries, launched a military operation against Tripoli on 4 April, 2019, causing civilian deaths and injuries, as well as severe damage to the infrastructure.

Haftar suffered several losses against the government forces, which led external parties to invite the two sides to work on reaching a political solution to a crisis that has been worsening for years.

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