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Tunisia hosts UN-backed conference to Sustainable Peace in Libya

The first meetings of the Libyan Political Dialogue Forum are scheduled to take place in Tunisia today, Monday, 09 Nov.

The acting head of the United Nations Support Mission in Libya seemed to express cautious optimism that the conflict could be resolved. Stephanie Williams, who is also the UN secretary-general’s acting special representative to Libya, spoke after the warring sides met in the town of Ghadames to discuss how to implement a ceasefire agreed to in Geneva in October.

“This is the beginning of a process that is going to require determination, courage, confidence and a lot of work,” Williams told reporters in Ghadames on November 4, “and what I have seen in these two days and what I saw in Geneva was the determination of this team to implement this agreement.”

UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres has called the process a “fundamental step toward peace and stability,” and the United Nations has set demanding goals. The aim is to form a new government of unity by integrating key representatives of Libyan society in the process — and then to organize parliamentary and presidential elections.

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