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Millions spent on Saddam Haftar’s extravagant wedding

Libyan news outlets reported that Saddam Haftar spent over 13 million Libyan dinars (what equates to nearly 10 million dollars) on gifts for poets that praised him and his tribe during his wedding which was held in the West of Ajdabiya city. 

Eyewitnesses reported that forty poets that attended what was described as a “legendary” wedding were gifted with brand new Toyota Hilux 2020, Samsung Galaxy A20 phones and additional unknown sums of money for attending the celebration and singing the praises of Saddam, his father and their tribe.

Sources also reported that chief of Saddam Hafter’s office, Ahmad al-Tabouli was the one to oversee the distribution of the gifts after the wedding ceremony concluded, near the house of the Fakhri family, Saddam’s new in-laws.

Witnesses noted that a military convoy rode through Ajdabiya until late night to celebrate Saddam’s wedding, confirming that a child from the western region was injured in the city due to the stray bullets that were fired to celebrate the wedding.

The grand Shiek of the Alferjan tribe, who attended the wedding to congratulate the retired general’s son, met with Ajdabiya tribe and promised to support the city’s infrastructure in the future.

People have taken to social media to criticize the careless squandering of public funds on unimportant things while the general public continues to struggle with a lack of liquidity and an economical crisis caused by the rampant spread of COVID-19 and the recent war started by Saddam’s father.

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