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TPF welcomes HoR Tangiers reunification meeting, invites HoR to meet in Tripoli

The Tripoli Protection Force (TPF), the coalition of the main government recognized Tripoli militias, welcomed the meeting of members of both sides of the split Libyan parliament, the House of Representatives (HoR) in Tangiers, Morocco, and their plan to hold a unified session in Libya.

In a statement issued early Monday, the TPF valued this step, describing it as “constructive towards achieving the desired dream of building the state and returning stability.” It praised what it said were the “concessions made by members of Parliament in order to get our country out of the dark tunnel that the Axis of Evil countries forced us to enter under the auspices of the United Nations.”

The TPF called all members of Parliament to meet in the capital, Tripoli, stressing its readiness to provide full protection and insurance for members and guarantee their safety and the safety of their sessions, away from all external interference.

It emphasized that there is no solution to the stability of Libya in light of all international interventions, and that the solution lies only in the hands of the people and their representatives and through “Libyan -Libyan” dialogue inside Libyan territories, far from all attempts to prolong the life of the transitional phase and the “Recycling of the waste of the political scene’’.

It will be recalled that the unified HoR agreed at its consultative Tangiers meeting to hold a session on Libyan territory. The internationally recognized HoR based in eastern Libya called on the UNSMIL-brokered 5+5 Joint Military Committee to identify a Libyan site and guarantee the security of this planned unified meeting in Libya.

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