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Haftar forces withdraw after violating ceasefire agreement

According to sources from the city of Ubari south of Libya, Battalion 117 of Haftar’s forces withdrew from the outskirts of the city after negotiations with the council.

Sources report that Haftar’s forces attempted to take control of a military zone controlled by Sabha military headquarters occupied by GNA forces and headed by Ali Kanna.

GNA forces were prepared and Haftar’s forces were dealt with as they were made to retreat from the outskirts of the city and into the mountains.

Majdi Buhanah, a member of the Ubari operations room, stated that the attacking force came from the city of Sabha and demanded that GNA forces hand over the military camp but reassured that they were prepared for any attack and would not hand over their position under any circumstances.

The spokesman for the GNA Sirte al-Jufra Liberation Operations Room, General Abdul-Hadi Daraa said in a statement to Anadolu Agency that a large military force of Haftar had attempted to take the Ali-Kanna camp but was forced to withdraw without surrendering.

Military forces of the Government of National Accord condemned this failed attempt by Haftar’s forces and considered it a clear violation of the cease-fire agreement signed by the joint 5+5 military commission.

This would mark the second time that Haftar’s forces reportedly violated the ceasefire agreement signed in Geneva, the first time being in an attack of a smaller nature on a civilian town in Ubari that killed a woman and injured a child this last November.

An attack of this size is considered the first of its kind by Haftar forces since their failure to take the city of Tripoli this last May.

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