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GNA threatens withdrawal from ceasefire agreement

Government of National Accord’s Minister of Defence Salahaddin Namroush warned that the GNA will withdraw from ceasefire agreement after it was violated by Haftar Forces.

“We warn the UN and peace-supporting countries that if they don’t curb war criminal Haftar and stop his recklessness, we may withdraw from the 5+5 military agreement,” Said the Minister in an official statement. “We will consider the ceasefire invalid if Haftar launches any military action.”

Haftar forces attempted to take control of a military zone occupied by GNA forces this Sunday in the city of Ubari, the attack accumulated in failure and they were forced to retreat.

“We question why the UN and the international community remain silent on Haftar’s actions and threats to the ceasefire in southern Libya.” Stated the Minister of Defence.

Libya’s High Council of State also condemned the attack and stated that they consider it a clear violation of the ceasefire agreement signed in Geneva in October, expressing their surprise at the silence of the United Nations Support Mission in Libya.

“This attack shows that Haftar isn’t serious about the commitment to any agreement or dialogue.” The HCS said, urging the GNA to provide more support to the south.

Ubari is considered the second largest city south of Tripoli, it is also home to the country’s largest oil field, the Sharara field, currently under the control of Haftar forces.

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