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Gununu: We will not accept a resolution that involves Haftar

The Spokesperson for the Army of the Government of National Accord (GNA) Colonel Mohammed Gununu stated while the GNA is committed to the ongoing ceasefire agreement signed in Geneva, General Khalifa Haftar’s forces have not shown the same commitment to the process of establishing peace. 

“Our forces are committed to the truce sponsored by the international community, but the war criminal Haftar has made attempts to breach the ongoing ceasefire agreement in Obari and since the previous announcement, he has attempted to break it in Sirte more than eight times and he continued to collect his forces and build fortifications, camps and transport mercenary.”

“We confirm our rejection of any resolution that would include the war criminal Khalifa Haftar,” Gununu said. “We emphasize our pursuit, punishment, and involvement of those that played a role in the bloodshed of Libyan and the destruction of their livelihoods.”

The colonel also pointed out that the GNA army is committed now more than ever to continue applying security and military training agreements to build a sound and military faction that can protect the country and its borders.

“Our goal is to build a Libyan army on sound foundations and a national, inclusive doctrine capable of confronting terrorism and protecting borders.”

Gununu’s statement comes after the Defence Minister of the GNA, Salah al-Din al-Namroush warned that the Government of National Accord will withdraw from the ceasefire agreement should Haftar’s forces continue their attempts to violate it and launch military action.

Haftar’s forces attempted to take a GNA-run military base in the city of Ubari this last Sunday, a move that the High Council of State has called a clear violation of the ceasefire agreement.

The United Nations Support Mission in Libya and acting special representative Stephani Williams have yet to comment on the attack and its consequences.

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