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GNA Army detects arrival of reinforcements to Haftar forces

The army for the Government of National Accord (GNA) has reported monitoring suspicious movement of Haftar’s forces in Sirte and Jufrah.

In a statement, Abdelhadi Drah, the spokesman for the GNA Sirte-Al-Jufra Operations Room said that GNA forces tracked a Russian plane landing in Qardabiya base, in the city of Sirte, the plane was later revealed to be carrying weapons, ammunition, military hardware, and some soldiers.

Drah further clarified that military movements took place simultaneously between Sirte and Al-Jafrah as their forces observed the arrival of 11 buses, carrying Syrian mercenaries, to Al-Jufrah area coming from the eastern region (Benghazi).

The military movements of Haftar’s forces come just days after their failed attempt to take a military base occupied by GNA forces in Sabha, a move decreed by the High Council of State to be a violation of the ongoing ceasefire agreement.

On Monday, GNA’s Minister of Defence Salahaddin Namroush warned that if Haftar’s forces launch anymore military action, the Government of National Accords will consider the ceasefire agreement invalid and will withdraw from it.

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