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Mahjoub denies objections to the deployment of ceasefire monitors

In a contradictory statement, Director of Haftar’s Moral Guidance Department General Khaled al-Mahjoub denies that Haftar’s party denied the proposed deployment of ceasefire monitors by united nations security generals.

In a statement, al-Mahjoub said that the deployment of ceasefire monitors was a stipulation of the agreement signed by the 5+5 Military Commission in October of 2020.

He added that the monitoring of a previously-reached ceasefire is restricted to “observers” to be agreed upon by both parties and ruled out the participation of international forces in monitoring and enforcing the ongoing truce in Libya.

In regards to the confronting Turkish troops in Libya, he noted that their forces will only face Turkish military in battle in the situation of war or further expanding of Turkey’s occupation of the western region, stressing that they will not stand by while Ankara colonizes Libya.

Earlier, an official in Haftar’s forces stated that their party rejects the international monitors of the ceasefire agreement as it will be considered a foreign intervention in Libyan affairs.

The Secretary-General of the United Nations Security Council Antonio Guterres proposed international monitors to support Libya’s fragile ceasefire.

The proposal stipulated that chosen monitors are comprised of civilians and retired soldiers from international bodies and they would be tasked with ensuring that the ceasefire agreement is respected by both parties’ side of the conflict.

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