Wednesday , 27 January 2021
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Britain’s Rose Partners helps Interior Ministry establish Supreme Security Chamber

British security company, Rose Partners, is helping the Interior Ministry of the internationally recognized Libyan government in Libya a create a ‘‘Supreme Security Chamber’’.

The Chamber will be launched on 17 January, the Ministry announced yesterday.

The revelation came after Interior Minister Fathi Bashagha held a meeting with representatives of Rose Partners yesterday.

Bashagha emphasized the necessity of establishing the Supreme Security Chamber, which he considered a project of national leadership, regional coordination and local implementation.

Rose Partners made a presentation to the Minister and his delegation regarding the purpose of establishing this Chamber, among its priorities is the implementation of the tasks of the Ministry of Interior and defining its priorities in the areas of police and security.

They also explained that the establishment of the Supreme Security Chamber enabled the Minister to exercise governance duties on behalf of the Tripoli government and to hold all components of the Ministry accountable.

Rose Partners indicated the establishment of security chambers in the areas of the Ministry of Interior, which would facilitate communication between all components of the Ministry and work in the field of combating terrorism and combating crime.

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