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Al-Mismari denies the presence of Wagner group in Sirte

Haftar’s official spokesman General Ahmed Al-Mismari denied the presence of Russian forces the Wagner group in the city of Sirte, stressing that the city is completely under their control.

The announcement comes after recent satellite images obtained by CNN show a trench running tens of kilometres reportedly dug by “Russian mercenaries” near the frontline coastal city of Sirte, as main foreign protagonists Ankara and Moscow appear intent on defending their interests under any final settlement.

“The rumours, lies and a huge amount of fabricated news have not and will not be able to deceive Libyans nor the international community, which has directly addressed Turkey asking it to withdraw their troops and mercenaries from Libya immediately,” He stated.

The dismissal from Haftar’s spokesman comes after anti-Wagner leaflets were found in Sirte, he described them as fake and stated that these provocative attempts to spread false news and divide the Libyan people will not prevail.

Al-Mismari once again reiterated his party’s call for Turkish forces to immediately depart from Libyan soil.

The general also stressed that their forces are fully committed to the internationally supported ceasefire agreement signed in October and will continue to support the intra-Libyan talks sponsored by the united nations to resolve the country’s crisis.

In a recent announcement, he stated that their forces will launch a campaign against any and all forms of terrorism and will eliminate foreign forces from Libya one way or another.

He added that their units have tightened their hold on the eastern and southern regions of the country to establish security for the Libyan people and reassured neighbouring nations of the danger of terrorism, human trafficking and arms dealing.

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