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MP: HoR will hold confidence vote in Sabratha

More than 100 MPs have agreed to hold a session in the city of Sabratha (75 kilometers west of Tripoli) to give confidence to the national unity government, which would be presented by the elected prime minister, Abdul-Hamid Dbeibah, within days, according to MP, Muhammad al-Ra’id.

“Not all MPs can go to Benghazi or Tobruk and exercise their role freely without any pressure” Al-Ra’id explained in a press statement, indicating that Sabratha is a neutral city with adequate security conditions, besides it is adjacent to Zuwara Airport.

MP al-Ra’id stressed the need for members of the House of Representatives (HoR) to meet and convene a session, expecting that this may take place on the 15th of this month, with a quorum of no less than 120 deputies.

Regarding Aqila Saleh’s invitation to the session next week, Al-Ra’id said that Aqila had previously called for consultative sessions because he realizes that a quorum will not be met. “His invitation to next week’s session is only to disrupt the HoR’s move towards changing the parliament presidency,” he added.

According to the principle of regional quotas on which the elections for the political dialogue forum were based, Al-Ra’id believes that the Presidency of Parliament would go for the south, as the presidency of the Presidential Council went to the east and the Prime Minister to the west.

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