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Al-Menfi looking into reuniting the parliament and conducting a vote of confidence

The media office for the new head of the presidential council Mohammed Al-Menfi reported that the president is in his hometown of Tobruk, meeting with Parliament members to discuss permanently reuniting the House of Representatives and conducting a vote of confidence in the upcoming days.

The office explained that Al-Menfi discussed with the representatives the arrangments necessary to grant the new government their confidence.

It also added that once the new government is fully formed and presented to the House of Representatives, it will be able to sufficiently carry out the task of leading the country in the period leading to national elections in December.

Al-Menfi arrived in Tobruk yesterday, in his first visit to the city since his election to head of the country’s presidential council.

He was received upon arrival by high ranking military and political figures, as well as by the chiefs and sheikhs representing the city.

In a speech, Al-Menfi declared that the primary goal for newly elected executive authority is to continue the efforts of the united nations and joint military committee by uniting the Libyan people, bringing the country out of its fragmented state and definitively reunifying the nation’s military.

Al-Menfi confirmed that the new Presidential Council would consolidate all Libyan State institutions, which, according to him, would be positively reflected in the living standards of every Libyan citizen.

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