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Biden extends Libya’s state of emergency for another year

Fifteen days away from the tenth anniversary of Obama’s declaration of emergency on Libya, current US president Joe Biden moved to extend the state of national emergency in Libya by another year.

The first emergency was declared a week after the eruption fo the February 17 revolution ten years ago by former President Barack Obama against the Gaddafi government who stood accused of human rights violations, using violence against civilians and misappropriating Libyan state assets.

In an executive order, Biden stated that the situation in Libya continues to pose a threat to the national security and foreign policy of the united states, adding that measures are necessary to protect against the diversion of assets or other abuses by members of Gaddafi’s family, their associates, and other persons hindering Libyan national reconciliation.

Biden also notified the House of Representatives speaker Nancy Pelosi and state leadership of the importance of extending the national emergency for national security and the protection of Libyan state assets.

Notably, the President also moved to extend sanctions imposed on Gaddafi family members and associates by another year to protect against the unlawful transfer of Libyan assets and other violations.

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