Wednesday , 21 April 2021
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5+5 confirms: Sirte is ready to host the HoR session

“The city of Sirte is ready to host the House of Representatives (HoR) planed session to grant a vote of confidence for the Government of National Unity (GNU),” the 5+5 joint military committee confirmed on Sunday.

5+5 said in a statement that “Sirte is ready and safe to host the session from the beginning until it ends.”

5+5 announced the readiness of Sirte after the request of the HoR speaker, Aguila Saleh, who had called for a session to grant confidence to the GNU in Sirte.

Meanwhile, dozens of Sirte citizens went to the streets on Sunday in a solidarity stand, welcoming the decision to host the city’s HoR session.

Head and members of the acting municipal council participated in the event, and the head and members of the elders’ council and officials of local institutions and service bodies.

In the same context, participants rejoiced the decision, stressing the city readiness to host the HoR session because Sirte’s location is appropriate for all Libyans.

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