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HNEC: Libya needs only four months to fully prepare for national elections

The head of the High National Elections Commission (HNEC) Emad Al-Seyah stated that the preparations process for the election is estimated to be around four months, noting that the commission requires three months to implement election law.

Al-Seyah emphasised the need to raise awareness about the constitution to the average Libyan citizen, noting that sending people to polls without holding a constitutional referendum will lead to yet another fourth transitional stage for the country.

He explained that if the Libyan people voted in favour of the drafted constitution, the country will then enter an 11-month transitional period, if they voted against it, however, the draft will be then referred to the constituent assembly to be amended.

He reaffirmed again that the HNEC is prepared to hold a referendum on the draft constitution if it is passed by the Libyan parliament, noting that no election can take place without laws from the legislative branch of government implemented.

Last year, in the first round of the UN-brokered Libyan Political Dialogue Forum in Tunisia, the 75-member panel concluded with the agreement to hold Libya’s national election on the historical date that marks the country’s 70% anniversary of independence.

The outgoing Government of National al Accords (GNA) has allocated 50 million Libyan dinars to prepare for the elections.

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