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Russian mercenaries refuse to depart Libyan soil

Despite the deadline for their departure having passed, Russia’s Wagner mercenary group, estimated at 2000, continue to operate on Libyan soil, backed by Russian fighter planes.

The Russian troops are centralised in eastern and southern Libya, supporting the forces of field marshal Khalifa Haftar and thus far Moscow is unwilling to completely withdraw these forces.

Last week, the united nations support mission in Libya announced the arrival of a small 10 person advanced team in Libya whose task is set up a ceasefire monitoring mechanism, collect the information requested by the UN Security Council and submit a report to the UN Secretary-General, Antonio Guterres.

As a result, Wagner withdrew some of its forces from Site and Jufra following the ceasefire zone to appear as though they had withdrawn from the region.

The presence of the international ceasefire monitors in Libya will likely push the Wagner group out of the region unless Russia intervenes and blocks the dispatch of these forces through the UN Security Council.

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