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Dbeibah attends the the graduation of the 51st class of Tripoli’s Military College

The graduation ceremony of the 51st class of students of the Military College was held at the headquarters of the Tripoli Military College today in the presence of Abdullah Al-Laffi, the Deputy-Head of the Presidential Council, and Prime Minister of the Government of National Unity, Abdul Hamid Al-Debaiba.

In addition, the Minister of the Interior, Brigadier General Khaled Mazen, the Chief of the General Staff, Lieutenant General Muhammad Al-Haddad, a number of ambassadors from Libya’s neighbouring sister country and the graduates’ families and fellow alumni.

Admiral Mahmoud Al-Ghazali, commanding the Tripoli Military College, stressed that the members of the (51) cadets who had graduated from the Military College should always uphold the unity, independence and sovereignty of that country.

In a speech on the occasion of the ceremony, the Libyan news agency quoted Brigadier General Al-Ghazali as saying that the country was protected and defended only by its sons, with their blood and lives.

The College’s order demanded that the members of the batch increase the efficiency and discipline of their units while noting that military contingents always reflect the image of their commanders and associates.

Brigadier General Al-Ghazali hailed the Chief of the General Staff, the Officers of the Military Districts and Main Chambers for standing up and supporting the Military College during the training period.

He also commended the efforts of the training staff of the Military College and their work and sacrifices until the completion of the training and graduation of this class.

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