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Sudan’s Hemedti demands immediate departure of mercenaries from Libya

First Deputy Chairman of the Sovereignty Council of Sudan, Lieutenant General Mohamed Hamdan Dagalo, known as Hemedti, stressed the need for all mercenaries to leave Libya.

Speaking during a meeting with the President of the Libyan High Council of State, Khalid Al-Mishri, in Niger, Dagalo said on Saturday that if any Sudanese fighter is present in Libya without the permission of the Libyan authorities, then he is considered a mercenary.

On the other hand, Dagalo stressed the importance of positive cooperation between the two countries in different fields, especially security and border protection, and congratulated Al-Mishri for the state’s success in unifying the executive authority.

Al-Mashri highlighted the depth of relations between the two countries, expressing his aspiration to establish relations at political, economic, and security levels.

He called for more cooperation and coordination between the two sides and expressed appreciation for Sudan’s efforts aimed at stabilising the security situation in Libya.

According to estimates issued by the UN mission to Libya, there are about 20,000 foreign forces and mercenaries in Libya, in violation of national sovereignty.

The Libyan Government of National Unity recently called on all mercenaries and foreign forces to immediately withdraw from the country.

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