Sunday , 19 September 2021
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GNU’s Minister of Justice assumes the duties of her office in Benghazi

This week, the Government of National Unity’s (GNU) Minister of Justice Halima Ibrahim Abdurrahman received her duties as minister from the Minister of Justice of the Interim Government of the city of Benghazi, officially anointing her Libya’s minister of justice.

During the ceremony the Minister stated that she was pleased to be in Benghazi to open a new page of national unity and unified action in Libya, adding that she was honoured to receive her duties from her predecessor in Benghazi just as she has in Tripoli from Libya’s previous Government of National Accord.

The Minister stressed that she did not call for administrative centralization or for the concentration of authorities, but aimed at administrative decentralization and bringing services closer to citizens throughout the country.

She also thanked all those who had worked at this stage and endured difficulties at a difficult time and encouraged them all that the Ministery of Justice under her leadership is open to all to hear their demands and complaints to better shape the ministry’s services and future for its citizens.

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