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Turkey: The thaw in Turkish-Egyptian relations could help end war in Libya

The Turkish Presidency Spokesman Ibrahim Kalin has said that Turkish talks with Egypt next week could forge renewed cooperation between the two estranged regional powers and help efforts to end the war in Libya.

In an interview with Reuters, Kalin confirmed that Intelligence chiefs and foreign ministers of both countries have been in contact, and a Turkish diplomatic mission will visit Egypt in early May.

“Given the realities on the ground, I think it’s in the interests of both countries and the region to normalise relations with Egypt,” Kalin said.

“Rapprochement with Egypt…will certainly help the security situation in Libya because we fully understand that Egypt has a long border with Libya that may sometimes pose a security threat for Egypt,” he added.

The Turkish official indicated that Turkey would discuss security in Libya with Egypt and other countries and support the UN-backed transitional government that took over the country.

With regard to the Turkish presence in Libya, Kalin noted that the Turkish army officers would remain in Libya, according to the agreement signed with the Libyan government, which paved the way for decisive Turkish intervention in support of the UN-backed government based in Tripoli.

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