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Libya’s LPDF Legal Committee finalizes elections’ constitutional basis

The member of the Libyan Political Dialogue Forum (LPDF), Zahra Langi, said the Legal Committee finalized Friday the constitutional basis for the general elections scheduled for December 24.

Langi said the Legal Committee agreed on a draft of amendments to the Libyan constitutional declaration that include delaying the referendum till after the election of a new legislative authority and a constitutional basis that organizes the relationship between the President and Prime Minister.

She said the issue of electing the President was referred to the LPDF, saying the constitutional basis draft had two proposals: A direct and an indirect election, and that the draft constitutional basis would be presented to the LPDF for a session of deliberation next week in the presence of the UN envoy Jan Kubis.

Langi said it wasn’t clear how the Legal Committee passed the constitutional basis and called for the next LPDF session to be broadcast live, reiterating that the House of Representatives must do its national duty and approve the constitutional basis as well as other necessary legislations.

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