Thursday , 30 November 2023
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Euro-Med HRM calls for disclosure of maps for mine sites in Libya

The Euro-Mediterranean Human Rights Monitor has called on all parties to the conflict in Libya to cooperate in the removal of all land mines and explosives and the disclosure or drawing of maps revealing their locations, in order to place warning signs to indicate their presence.

This came at an international conference in Geneva entitled ‘The Inhumane Landmine Epidemic’, which exists in all war-torn countries including, Libya, Syria, Armenia and Azerbaijan.

Euro-Med HRM said that previously ISIS had planted mines and explosives in Sirte and on its outskirts, without exemption to homes, farms, and local roads.

It added that the same strategy which was initiated by ISIS was copied by Haftar’s militia and Wagner’s mercenaries in both Sirte and Tripoli, confirming that in the first months of 2020, 160 individuals were killed or wounded, including women and children, however, some specialists from demining teams also lost their lives in the line of duty.

It stressed that Libya has now been rated amongst the nine foremost countries in terms of the number of mine victims in the world.

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