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ZIGUEY, CHAD - APRIL 19: Chadian Army members are seen during an operation against rebels in Ziguey, Kanem Region, Chad on April 19, 2021. The Chadian army announced late Sunday that it has killed more than 300 rebels in the northern part of the Central African country. The rebels were from The Front for Change and Concord in Chad (FACT), the military said in a press release. ( Abdoulaye Adoum Mahamat - Anadolu Agency )

Mercenaries threaten the people of Murzuq with murder and displacement

A video shared on social media showed a group of mercenaries promising to kill and displace families in the town of Murzuq, claiming that they will stay in the area and will not leave anytime soon.

This came amid Murzuq residents’ demands for the Government of National Unity to halt the activity of the city’s reconstruction fund until the city’s citizens returned and the Chadian armed groups that had occupied it for years were removed.

Political activists in the city told the Italian “Nova Agency” that armed groups from Chad, Niger, and Sudan had been invading Libya since 2011, and that the Chadian opposition had taken charge of camps in Marzak, Ubari, Sabha, Al-Gutran, and Um Al-Arnab.

Activists estimated that approximately 5,500 families out of a total population of over 45,000 people were displaced from Murzuq. They emphasized that previous governments’ responses had been inadequate, and that they had failed to notice the fights that had erupted between mercenaries and foreign gangs and residents of southern cities.

Activists claim that these cities have become gang areas beyond the jurisdiction of the Libyan government, where the most horrific crimes are committed on a regular basis but are hidden due to the population’s fear.

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