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Ministry of Interior reach an agreement on an MoU with the EU’s Mission in Libya

The Interior Ministry announced on an agreement reached with the EU Border Assistance Mission in Libya (EUBAM) to draft and adopt a joint memorandum of understanding (MoU).

Interior Minister Khaled Mazen reaffirmed, alongside the head of the European Union mission, Natalina Cea, the advancement of the two sides’ understandings, as well as the debate and exchange of views on various agreed-upon projects aimed at strengthening the Ministry’s skills in a number of critical disciplines.

The Minister of the Interior drew attention to the Mission’s critical role in Libya, its support for the Ministry, and its ongoing collaboration with the Central Follow-up Committee in order to oversee international assistance and optimize the performance of the Ministry of the Interior’s numerous tasks and disciplines, according to the Ministry of the Interior’s Information Office.

On 20 May, José Sabadell, the European Union’s Ambassador to Libya, announced the re-establishment of the European Union Embassy and the beginning of its operations from Tripoli.

Sabadell characterized the shift as a pivotal point, noting that “we will be able to interact directly and effectively with Libyan government, civil society, and partners.”

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