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High Council of State: The International community needs to wash its hands of Khalifa Haftar

Libya’s High Council of State issued a statement on Saturday in response to Haftar’s forces staging a military parade at the Benghazi base on the anniversary of Operation Dignity.

According to the statement, “the Supreme Council of the State took action following a military evaluation of irregular and unlawful troops (militia) led by war criminal Khalifa Haftar on Saturday.”

It reaffirmed the Council’s steadfast opposition to the so-called “dignity” operation and the forces that support it, describing them as illegal and senseless attempts to establish rule through military coups d’état, backed by regional and international forces that are waging a never-ending war against the dream of change in Libya and the Arab region.

The Supreme Council of the State also reminded the Libyan people of all the tragedies and major disasters that had plagued the country and its people since the declaration of this “menacing” operation, beginning with the destruction of parts of Benghazi and Derna, the displacement of large numbers of its people, and the feuds and tribal wars that had developed in the south.

The statement continued, “Whenever Libyans approached a comprehensive political settlement or were on the verge of a new democratic experiment, Haftar’s actions and language reflected a frantic desire to seize power by force, even if the price was as high as it had been.”

The High Council of State, as the supreme commander of the Libyan army, urged the Presidential Council to put an end to these grave violations and the aggressive behaviour of the “Dignity” groups, to assist in establishing a ceasefire, and to begin uniting the military in accordance with a national doctrine based on the preservation of borders, the Constitution, and the rule of law.

Concluding its statement, the Council urged the international community to renounce its policy of double standards, wash their hands completely of Khalifa Haftar, and cooperate exclusively with legitimate representatives and official authorities in order to protect Libya’s national sovereignty.

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