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Turkey will work with Italy for stable peace in Libya, FM says

Turkey will work with Italy to achieve a stable peace and a political process that will yield results in Libya, Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu said yesterday during his visit to Rome to participate in the anti-Daesh coalition meeting.

“Italy is our strategic partner and ally. Turkey has been on the side of Italy in its darkest days during the COVID-19 pandemic. Due to the recent developments and challenges in the Eastern Mediterranean, the cooperation between Turkey and Italy has become highly important for the region’s security and stability,” Cavusoglu said, speaking to the Italian Il Messaggero newspaper.

He added that both countries will remain in contact for further cooperation and discussions on Libya.

Cavusoglu also underlined that Ankara is supporting the political process and efforts for peace in Libya.

Last week, the Second Berlin Peace Conference on Libya took place upon the invitation of the United Nations and Germany, to discuss the political transition process in the war-torn country.

During this conference, Turkey expressed its reservations to the immediate withdrawal of its troops, objecting to the wrongful equation of Turkish presence in Libya with mercenaries affiliated with the Wagner Group and others.

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