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Al-Mishri accuses the United Nations of leniency and bias towards Haftar’s forces

Khalid Al-Mishri, Chairman of the High Council of State, accused the United Nations Mission in Libya (UNSMIL) of favouritism towards retired General Khalifa Haftar’s forces.

The comments came after participants in the inaugural Tripoli Military Forum expressed reservations about any outcome that would result in a distorted constitutional base from the Geneva discussions.

During a meeting in Tripoli with a delegation from the United Nations Independent Strategic Audit Committee, chaired by Abdullah Bathili, Al-Mishri openly accused the UN Mission in his country of pursuing what he called a policy of bias towards one party and another, particularly the forces of Haftar, despite the interference of the constitutional referendum process, according to him.

Al-Mishri emphasized the importance of distinguishing between forces that came from an internationally recognized legitimate government in a proclaimed and legitimate manner and those that came from mercenaries in an unreported and illegitimate manner.

He also confirmed the High Council of State’s intention to hold elections on December 24 this year, as scheduled.

Furthermore, Abdul Hamid Dbeibeh, the Head of Government of National Unity and Minister of Defense, met with Chief of General Staff General Mohamed Al-Haddad and the emirs of the military areas. According to the Head of Government’s Information Office, the Head of Government emphasized the importance of unifying the military and monitoring the position of its associates and retirees.

Participants acknowledged the discussion, which included the House Defense Committee and a number of military commands, in a statement; the necessity to begin military unity before the elections to assure its success.

The statement urged all authorities and political parties to make it possible for the Presidential Council to carry out its duties.

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