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Haftar threatens to “liberate Tripoli again” if Libyan elections fail

Khalifa Haftar has told one of his loyalist journalists, Mahmoud Al-Musrati, in an interview the latter posted on his Facebook page Friday, that if elections won’t be held in December, his forces will be ready to “liberate Tripoli from criminals and militias once again.”

Al-Musrati reported that Haftar had told him that in 2019, his militias didn’t use massive force to storm the Libyan capital because they feared for the lives and properties of the civilians, adding that he would be ready to announce the “real Zero Hour” for war to commence in Tripoli if elections weren’t held on time.

Haftar also claimed that the other side – the legitimate Libyan Army under the previous Government of National accord and the current Government of National Unity – were delusional about victory, adding that his militias had withdrawn from Tripoli frontlines over “sovereign decisions” to secure their back lines and the oil crescent region because the enemy with the support of regional powers were intending to enter oil facilities”.

“The US asked us to break away from Russia. When we asked for an alternative, they ignored us and looked away from the interference of Turkey and US Africa Command (AFRICOM) as well as NATO that helped bomb our troops. AFRICOM targeted our forces at Al-Wattiya Airbase and in a number of Tripoli frontlines.” Haftar said, according to Al-Musrati.

He reiterated that as per the political process and the desire of allies and friends, he went along with the current roadmap and would wait until elections take place, adding that Libya’s unity and sovereignty as well as the withdrawal of the “occupiers” are unnegotiable red lines.

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